Thursday, January 15, 2009

Strongly Worded Letter

Check out this fiery letter to the Advocate:

Louisiana should be able to apply the word “admirable” to her dream of a modern medical teaching facility. Yet, when a dream transcends to desire and intention is conquered by cupidity, “admirability” is reduced to depravity.

There are few actions on Earth more profane than a governmental dream holding hostage the well-being of humanity. When such an abrogation occurs, the moral obligation between the government and the people dissolves, and ethics is reduced to insignificance.

Read the whole thing.

Didn't Adriani (the author) run for Mayor or something?


Anonymous said...

Read the letter, then come get the whole scoop:

~ VCPORA Membership Meeting ~

LSU/VA Medical Complex:

Over 70 acres of lower Mid-City cleared.
Over 200 historic buildings demolished.
Over 1,000,000 square feet of downtown buildings abandoned.

Come hear why one of the biggest economic development projects proposed for the city is also one of the most controversial, and learn about the issues, the alternatives, and why this matters to every New Orleans neighborhood.

Wednesday, January 21
Bourbon Orleans Hotel - 717 Orleans St.
6:00—6:30 reception * 6:30—8:00 presentation

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