Tuesday, December 09, 2008

More Info From McBride and WWL, More Silence From Nagin and White

WWL did a report on the city's "audit" of our sanitation contracts. There's also video.

"A normal standard audit would be comparing the data the contractor gives you with reality," said Councilwoman Shelley Midura.

But the company hired to do the report for the Mayor's Office, Public Financial Management, says they're not doing an audit. In an e-mail to Councilwoman Stacy Head, PFM Consultant David Hoskins writes, "We want to emphasize the fact that the project is not an audit of the collection contracts. Our assignment has been to create a baseline assessment of the number of locations served by the three contractors."


In a statement e-mailed to us, the Mayor Nagin's Director of Communications Ceeon Quiett writes "the letter sent by PFM to the Councilmember, emphasizes and reiterates the testimony and comments made by the Sanitation Director and a PFM representative before council several weeks ago."

Yet, according to council minutes and video tape from an April 25 meeting, Sanitation Director Veronica White called the report an "audit."

Neither the Mayor nor Sanitation Director Veronica White will speak to the press or answer questions about any of this. Wouldn't that go a long way toward clearing this up, if it can be cleared up? The silence is deafening. For many, it is damning.

Matt McBride has done amazing research and has provided a lot of the raw information to us, which no surcharge on our monthly statements:

Dear New Orleanians,
As you now know, the Metro and Richard's trash collection contracts have been poorly administered by the city's Sanitation Department. It is possible millions of dollars have been wasted, and an upcoming report from the Nagin administration - touted as an "audit," will do nothing but cloud the issue by attempting to replace existing inadequate records with even more records of dubious value. You can find the previous piece in my series of missives about this here (thanks, Eli):
I thought it would be best for the public to see the actual records from the trash companies which were contractually required; these records are supposed to be the basis for the monthly invoices and payments on the contracts.
In addition to locating the texts of the trash companies' contracts there, I have created two new folders at the following link:
One contains the original, raw address list files as the city council received them from the administration on November 14th. There are four files there: the May, 2007 and October, 2008 address lists from both Metro and Richard's. To reduce download times, I've also placed those files inside a ZIP file.
The other folder includes my annotated files. The annotated October, 2008 lists from both companies are there, as well as the annotated May, 2007 list from Metro. I've also placed those files inside a ZIP file. I ran out of steam and never got to the Richard's May, 2007 to clean it up. It was a lot of work to get these files in a shape to use for analysis. Note that I didn't destroy anything in this analysis, only added stuff. But when I found obvious errors and misspellings, I corrected them.
If you are interested in finding your address or any other address, I strongly encourage you to look at the annotated files, since the original files are not very well sorted (Metro much more so than Richard's). My files are sorted by street, direction, and then street number.
Metro's area covers roughly everything north of I-610, while Richard's covers roughly everything south of I-610 and Algiers (except the Quarter, whch is SDT's). The actual map can be found in the text of the contracts, which are also at the link above.
I've hidden some columns that I used for work purposes. The columns with numbers in them and with titles including "Duplicate" contain how many instances either a complete address (which includes an apartment number or letter) or a building (which excludes apartment numbers) occurs on the list. I used these to find duplicates. Also included - for the October, 2008 sheets - are columns showing the results of cross referencing the building addresses against various demolition-related lists.
I've left the Autofilter feature on to allow folks to easily drill down to particular results, address, or whatever they wish.

The "audit" is expected to be released on Friday.

Dismiss Veronica White Now

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