Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'll be standing with Lower Mid City

Yes, let's crush a live neighborhood to make way for a big giant hospital development project right next to an abandoned public hospital. Let's ignore calls to rehabilitate and reopen Charity. Let's not even look at other sites that wouldn't demolish a neighborhood.

These Times-Picayune articles by Kate Moran suck. They barely scratch the surface in terms of context. (At least the paper is paying attention to other things, now.)

Adam Nossiter of the New York Times provides a much more honest narrative.

It's an excellent article, actually. Highly recommended.

Maybe I'm not gauging this properly, but I think people will chain themselves to their homes if they have to.


jeffrey said...

Be careful what you chain yourself to. Stacy Head might accuse of belonging to the Volvo brigade.

E said...

I'm in the 93 Saturn brigade.

jeffrey said...

Varg and I comprise the Toyota Tercel Team

E said...

My car gets a bailout check with its next oil change.