Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bombs Away

Is the city at war with the mayor or is this just another round of duds?

This is my favorite line:

"I am fed up. Nothing has to take this long, " said Council President Jackie Clarkson. "Something is really wrong. So little is getting done, I can't get a handle on this."


Nothing ever seems to materialize from Council when it comes to an actual issue involving actual Nagin administration policy and actual tax payer dollars. These crime cameras always represented the worst in short-sighted and reactionary anti-crime policy. They have cost us a fortune, they don't work, and require yearly maintenance above and beyond the original cost of the equipment. Yet we can't, we shan't cut our losses and sell those suckers off in the midst of a recession that's causing Nagin to propose a property tax increase and massive layoffs in the already-strapped District Attorney's office?

City Council can get it together to uniformly trash the city's recovery in the paper but the same old ridiculous splits occur the very next day on a no-brainer issue. I've been warming to Cynthia Hedge-Morrell lately but she's dead wrong on crime cameras. Cynthia Willard-Lewis just always seems to be dead wrong. They have got to come around and realize that this is not an investment worth saving. This wasn't ever an investment. We'll never get this money back. These cameras have not, are not, and will not aid our police and DA catch or convict any criminals. They will not help us with disaster response either, a proposal which seemed to impress our Council. Hurricane Gustav, which was relatively meek in Orleans, knocked out nearly half of the cameras in question. How could you buy the argument that these cameras will be useful to Hurricane responders? How?


Leigh C. said...

Damn, does the Walking Id still think he's too legit to quit? Deeee-lusional.

jeffrey said...

Aren't the cameras supposed to function as a deterrent in some sense? Certainly many shopkeepers and gas station owners seem to think so. That's why they like to point out the cameras via big obnoxious block letter signage. A hurricane protection sign would look something like this:


Also, if the deterrent theory is true, do the cameras actually need to work at all? There's one way to save money right there.

Superdeformed said...

I think armed sentries is what we really need.

Civitch said...

The crime cameras are nothin' compared to what hit the fan at yesterday's budget meeting.


SH asks totally legit questions, VW doesn't like them, so she storms out. So professional.

I hope to god that Cerasoli is investigating these contracts.

jeffrey said...

That's it! I am officially declaring a moratorium on the phrase, "I hope to god that Cerasoli is investigating...."

It shows up in just about every third comment thread I've read about the local doings ever since the man came to town. No one is allowed to use that phrase again until the IG's office actually produces something.

E said...

Jeffrey's onto something.

You can be sure he IS investigating this stuff but in the end his recommendations, when they come, are only as good as the people we elect to implement them.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist of an Inspector General to see how bad the city's been taken to the cleaner's on this crime camera deal.

The question is who's going to do something about it.

Clay said...

I'm always amazed at how the only two city councilpeople with balls are Shelly Midura and Stacy Head. The male members are the biggest pussies on the planet.

Congrats ladies.

Civitch said...

Touche on outlawing mention of the IG office until they produce. I know they're up to their eyeballs in investigations, but they need to show the public *something*, and soon.