Friday, October 03, 2008

Uh Actually the Chant is Wind Baby Wind

My friends, I'm going to give you a little straight talk.

Entergy sucks.

Even if they think better of their plans to hold our entire city ransom, shouldn't we be thinking of ways to reduce our absolute dependency on their services?

What about making this kind of investment right here in Louisiana?

Think of how many jobs politicians will get to say they've created?


New Orleans Ladder said...

Well, errrah, given our Girl with her Freudian Slip showing...couldn't that chant be:
"Blow Baby Blow!"?
~~and btw we call her: The Cur.
Hey! Over on the Ladder I gots a flow chart leaked from her debate notes.


Clay said...

Actually, there's a Louisiana-based company that's been building offshore wind farms.

They've actually tried to build farms off the Louisiana coast, where the wind is more consistent, but Louisiana, even under a "pro-business" administration, can't get off their ass and organize an auction for blocks. Their first project is in Texas. They won the first ever auction for wind farm leases off the Texas coast.

Part of their plan is to use abandoned oil rigs for the base of the windmill.