Friday, October 03, 2008

Steve the Sleaze STILL Touting Racist's Support, Now Touting Traitor's Support

Steve Scalise is in such big trouble in his District 01 race out in Jefferson Parish that he can't afford to alienate the white supremacist vote by ditching eugenics proponent John LaBruzzo's endorsement.


Now Steve Scalise is celebrating the arrival of the most dangerous Vice President since Aaron Burr. That's right, Dick Cheney is coming to help raise money for Steve the Sleaze.

Dick Cheney of course is as close to a treason indictment as he is to being vindicated by history.

I know Jefferson Parish is conservative but there's not a place in America where Dick Cheney's popularity endures. He's poison.


jeffrey said...

Scalise really is scared. He's bringing in Big Time to help raise money.

Leigh C. said...

Perhaps we need to call in Dr Ben Marble to tell Cheney to go fuck himself: