Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Don't overlook this article in today's T-P about the continued failure to end the NOPD's failed catch-and-release policy. The Metropolitan Crime Commission has found that there is some decline in the number of frivolous arrests by the NOPD but that by and large the asinine official policy remains in place:

But after comparing practices in the first half of 2008 with last year, the commission still found that police spend too much time making minor arrests, which account for 46 percent of all arrests during that time period. According to the analysis, since January 2007, police made more than 40,000 arrests for traffic and municipal offenses. Almost 29,000 of these people were released from jail within a day.

While accepting more cases, the commission found the district attorney's office continues to dismiss too many pending prosecutions, a fact the commission believes could expose a problem with the screening of incoming cases.

Within a day.

Remember: an internal audit of police policy ordered by the NOPD and then subsequently suppressed and hidden from the public indicates that so much of the NOPD's rank-and-file morale issues derive from widespread consensus AGAINST catch-and-release.

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