Thursday, October 23, 2008

Family Time!

Ed Blakely, how are we to get more Walmarts, more Home Depots, and more Lowes without you?

Jeffrey wrote, for my money, the best Blakely post ever created.

But that was way back in April.

Remember when new Recovery Czar General Doug O'Dell demolished Blakely's priorities?

Remember when I (e) proposed a Council deal wherein funding for Blakely's poorly vetted economic development projects was granted in exchange for Blakely's resignation? Is that what's actually happening? After Oyster forced Derrick Sheppard's guilty plea, the sky's the limit for nolasphere power.

How about the time Ed Blakely admitted that he had no control over his own staff because he was so often out of the office on lavish trips to Dubai and Australia?

My last wish is that every time Ed Blakely is about to be paid an extremely high income to lead an urban planning project, his employers google his name and find our blogs.


Now Blakely is denying he ever said what he in fact very clearly did say.


Cade said...

The good things Ed Blakely has done for New Orleans could fit in a very tiny space - like in the space left over when you put all the good things Ray Nagin has done for New Orleans into the tiny shriveled black heart of Michael Chertoff.

Cade said...

Don't look good for his google image: is now parked