Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Can It Be Called Endemic?

I normally avoid crime stories but when I saw that another NOPD officer had been arrested, it hit reminded me just how many NOPD officers have been on the wrong side of the law over the last couple of years.

After a couple minutes worth of googlin,' I've recalled a truly disturbing number of NOPD officers charged with criminal activity over the last five years. An extremely high number of charges involved rape or sexual extortion.

What is the crime rate on the NOPD itself? I know there will always be bad apples but not like this.


jeffrey said...

2 of these stories refer to the same incident

E said...

hmm. i'll find it and arrest it.

Civitch said...

After a similar incident last year, Riley made a pathetic attempt to reassure the public that they could trust the police by telling us that 90% of the cops are good, begging the question of what he's thinking in allowing the other 10% (roughly 140 cops) to remain on the force.

Clay said...

A few more choice links:

Let's face it: the NOPD are sliding back to the Pre-Pennington days:

At one time, you could have built a whole separate wing on death row just to cover NOPD officers.

And to think that the voters had 2 chances to keep this from happening: elect the man who cleaned up NOPD (Pennington) and the man who promised a national search for a new police chief to keep crime from getting out of control (Mitch). Oops.

E said...

Good stuff, Clay.

The free ride for Riley is inexcusable.

I maintain a standing call for his resignation.

southern leftist said...

no other police dept in america can claim 2 officers on death row. i wonder if there is a high school of 1600 students anywhere in the city that has produced as many murderers, rapists, and bank robbers as nopd has over the last few years. it would be an interesting contrast to find the high school that has produced the most criminals and compare their stats to nopd.