Thursday, September 04, 2008

Who Changed Nagin's Mind?

Let us be clear:

Mayor Nagin did not change his mind with regard to the blockade of Orleans Parish yesterday morning.

Mayor Nagin was forced to cave to the demands of Orleans Parish residents.

It may seem like Mayor Nagin simply did the logical thing by reversing course on his reentry policy, but to characterize the decision as one that he made falsely portrays what occurred.

I don't begrudge the media for prioritizing the immediate release of information vis-a-vis reentry, but when you aggregate the censoring of Garland Robinette and the James O'Byrne column with the misleading oversimplification of Nagin's reversal, it becomes extremely problematic.

My hope is that over the next several days, the media will fully examine and prominently publish the timeline of Nagin's reversal decision - including the rift with City Council, the instances of censorship, and the massive movement of Orleans Parish residents to disobey the Mayor's stay-away order.

UPDATE: It is inaccurate to say that Mr. Robinette was pulled or censored. It may have been the end of his shift or he may have voluntarily taken himself off the air as a result of his anger. I prematurely published this rumor based off an email that indicated he may have been censored. I can now say that this was not the case.

This does not detract from the troubling censorship of the O'Byrne column or the points made above.

UPDATE II: Here is a link from reader Carmen. The T-P's Dave Walker recaps the blow up between Robinette and Riley.


Civitch said...

How was Garland censored? And anyone know where I can get an audio link for his conversation with Riley in which Riley hung up on him?

E said...

Garland was apparently pulled off the radio shortly after the exchange with Riley. I would also love to have some audio.

Carmen said...

Here's the Garland backstory for those like me who missed the live event:

Reads like Garland was on Spud's show, so I don't know if technically you can say he was pulled or censored. Was he on the air again during his regular time the next day?

There's a lot of passion and anger flying around, but let's not get into that stream or allow the mayoral PR posse to use that skew. We can write with cool heads and reveal the true workings of this administration. Best damned writers in this set (you all know who you are) since Breton's Surrealist movement:

PS - Ashley would be proud.