Monday, September 01, 2008

Weird Juxtaposition

Anderson Cooper and another reporter in the French Quarter were just talking about how New Orleans maybe had avoided the worst of this storm and that while there was damage, it just hasn't been so bad. Cooper then asks the HQ in Atlanta when it will be safe to go check out Houma and other areas that may have sustained worse damage.

Meanwhile, on the Industrial Canal, CNN is reporting that the area of the Industrial Canal that is over-topping was a new section reinforced after Katrina.

Also, the Times Picayune is reporting that there is concern over loose barges now in the Industrial Canal:

Coast Guard officials have been dispatched to the Industrial Canal to check on reports that a pair of barges are drifting loose in the channel, a top official for Gov. Bobby Jindal who is embedded at City Hall said at 9 a.m.

"We're asking the Coast Guard to go out to the Industrial Canal and verify that they're loose or not, and if they are, secure them," said Paul Rainwater, Jindal's recovery chief.


Willard-Lewis, who represents the area, said she was told yesterday that the Industrial Canal had been cleared. She was upset by the mention that barges could be loose in the canal.

"The Coast Guard told me all barges had been removed. It was very disturbing to me," she said. During Hurricane Katrina, a barge drifted through a toppled Industrial Canal levee and landed on top of a school bus in a scene that became an infamous image of the 2005 storm.

That's no good.

Also reports of a fire at Broad and Esplanade.


Here is video from WWL at the Claiborne Bridge on the Industrial Canal.

"Significant problems here."


Nagin calls into WWL and confirms that there are some barges or ships loose in the Industrial Canal, one banging up against a levee wall. He is saying that they're "monitoring it."

Apparently the Coast Guard is evaluating whether or not they can send in divers to secure this barge in particular.


Civitch said...

Seems to me they could get some shoulder-fired missiles and sink the damn things.

And then they should find the idiots responsible, lash them to the flood walls, and leave them there.

E said...

Oh wow, you know that's actually brilliant idea. (So long as they don't miss the barge and hit the wall itself.)