Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Third Estate

My wallet won't open for another night at a motel and my soul won't allow another night in the Florida Panhandle - nice beach day notwithstanding.

I understand that reentry tomorrow morning is limited to Tier Two employees:

The city likely will open Wednesday morning to Tier 2 workers, including employees of building supply companies, medical supply companies and financial institutions, Quiett said. Tier 3 personnel, including gas station operators, grocers and other retailers could get in by Wednesday afternoon, she said.

Quiett stressed that residents not carrying placards issued by the city to companies and organizations that requested priority reentry will not be allowed beyond checkpoints being manned at all roads into the city by Louisiana National Guard soldiers and state troopers.

The administration's plan is dividing the municipal government as it appears Jindal has uninvolved himself with the reentry portion of the proceedings. Councilman Fielkow and Councilwoman Head have gone public with a statement to the media indicating their opposition:

At a minimum, Orleans should have followed all the other parishes and allowed re-entry as of 6 am Wednesday.

While conditions in New Orleans are not good, electricity is not widely available, and health services are seriously depleted, Cms Head and Fielkow believe that people who need to return, particularly small business owners, should be allowed to make decisions for themselves.

It is likely that many many New Orleanians will disobey Mayor Nagin's stay-away order. A lot of this has to do with the fact that Mayor Nagin has no credibiliy with an overwhelming majority of New Orleans residents. Another factor is some folks' perception that the threat of Gustav was intentionally exaggerated to score political points for 'competency.'

Beyond that, of course, is the insult of a tiered reentry plan that allows stewards of financial institutions in ahead of everyone else and punishes citizens paying for hotels, gas, food, etc. by banning their return. All other neighboring Parishes will have allowed popular reentry by tomorrow morning and it's not as if New Orleanians don't notice that.

Right now, the Entergy is claiming that the electrical grid is not secure for some reason so those planning to return should pack essentials like food and batteries. Gas stations are few and far between so stay filled up as you approach the city limits.

Entergy is the big story here, it seems as though they're calling all the shots, floating the possibility that electricity may not be online again for weeks.

Evacuation with no reentry plan is like going to war with no exit strategy.

Jeffrey is pretty fired up too, and points us to this fantastic column by James O'Byrne that pretty much sums it all up.


The O'Byrne column has been censored. I imagine the city pressured the T-P to do so. That's a pretty dangerous precedent. I'd like to know more about that.


Carmen said...

Here's a truncated version of a story I read early in the day:


IIRC, the previous entry had direct quotes. It would appear Entergy is strangling a billion dollar industry in a weak economic climate in a weakened geographic area. It would likewise appear Our Mayor is doing some grandstanding because he either believes he can get or was outright promised more federal money. The worse it looks, the more he gets.

The problem I have with the transmission lines damage reports is that Entergy NOLA supposedly operates separately to the point we were expected to pick up the whole Katrina tab as NOLA citizens. (Plus an outside nuclear plant.) Excuse me, but if we are a separate corporate entity, then don't use the excuse of transmission lines feeding Baton Rouge delaying our citizens' return. If Entergy NOLA cannot operate separately from the Entergy Louisiana grid, then we as ratepayers need to be reimbursed for outrageous post-Katrina expenses and Entergy needs to fold its subsidiaries into one functioning entity.

Delta said...

The O'Byrne article has apparently been removed.

E said...

yup, just noticed that.

Civitch said...

Damn - I wish I'd saved that. It was a great article.

nola.com now saying that ray ray has "changed his mind" and all checkpoints have been lifted. We can all go home. Gee, thanks.

Anonymous said...

The O'Byrne article