Monday, September 01, 2008

Motel Blogging

Anderson Cooper is near the courthouse in the FQ and is asking the CNN Center in Atlanta whether or not it is going to get any stronger because what he's experienced thus far ain't shit.

He's standing there all puffed up right in the middle of the street, not shielding his face from the wind like the dweeb reporting from Grand Isle.

At one point he said that people were out and walking around in the French Quarter, in between storm bands, making sure to note a pair of "drunk twenty year olds."


Army Corps of Engineers chiefs say they anticipate no storm surge flooding due to Hurricane Gustav, which is turning out to be far less than what was previously forcast by the National Weather Service.

But they do anticipate localized flooding due to heavy rainfall. That water will have to be handled by local drainage and pumping systems in each parish, they say.

"The dewatering of the internal city due to rainfall will be up to these non-federal pumping stations,'' said Brigadier Gen. Robert Van Antwerp, the corps' chief of engineers.

But now there's WWL video of water reaching the top of the Industrial Canal.

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