Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mayor Nagin Caves In Advance of Council Hearing, Council To Receive Spoiled Milk

Onslaught of phone calls and emails overwhelms administration!
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From Michelle Krupa of the T-P:

After taking heat for suspending the work of a panel that reviews requests for demolition permits in many historic neighborhoods, Mayor Ray Nagin has agreed to stop issuing teardown orders for properties that usually fall under the committee's purview.


Nagin's press office and Recovery Director Ed Blakely, whose department oversees demolitions, have dodged questions about the intent of the mayor's order.


Ross said that by Tuesday morning, three of the city's five district council members -- Shelley Midura, Stacy Head and James Carter -- had asked the administration to stop issuing demolition orders for properties in their districts without their permission.

Councilwoman Cynthia Hedge-Morrell confirmed that she made a similar request, though she was not on Ross' list. Meanwhile, Councilwoman Cynthia Willard-Lewis, whose district falls mostly outside the committee's jurisdiction, did not ask for the exemption, Ross said; a representative for her could not confirm the report.

So nice to see the Mayor and Ed Blakely's Expiring Contract pulling a Palin: they'll take no questions at this time. Also nice to see City Council unify to secure a concession the Mayor.

I'm not quite sure what this is though:

...[D]emolitions will be allowed, however, if the City Council member who represents the property gives his or her consent, officials said.

Well what that is, is a bunch of B.S.

A consent decree for City Council merely complicates an already unnecessary Executive Order. This is crumbs from Ray Nagin's plate, a pithy response that disrespects Council's intelligence with a sarcastic smile and dismisses the concerns of informed citizens with a yawn and a fart.

What we had before the Mayor's Executive Order was a system that seemed to function fairly well. The NCDC reviews allowed citizens to challenge demolition permits in their neighborhoods and issued for culturally significant structures without holding up the demolition of buildings in imminent danger of collapse even for one millisecond.

Now we have an increasingly clustered f#ck.

Perhaps if the Mayor or Dr. Blakely would speak to reporters, we might be able to ascertain what their justification for the Executive Order was. Instead, they're intentionally mute.

City Council, maybe just in comparison to the Mayor, has enough credibility to refuse the Mayor's pittance. They have enough political capital to demand unconditional disclosure and a complete repeal of Executive Order 08-04. Anything less sells us out, anything less represents unjustifiable toothlessness.

Take the time to write one more email.


Karen said...

This is political crawfishing at best. No concession.

Anonymous said...

when does flakely's contract expire? what are the deliverables? wonder if he met them. also i wonder what his travel schedule has been.

his staff ain't done shit, ya'll.

Civitch said...

The council has sold us out.

bayoustjohndavid said...

Clarkson and Carter try to be all things to all people, so Midura, Head and Fielkow have to pick their spots (I guess). With the press ignoring the story or doing puff pieces (I tried to be nice, but the WWL report was horrendous), this mustn't look like a winning fight to them. I wondered if the NOAH scandal would lead the local press to make more of an issue of the overall pattern of secrecy or continue to act like it was reporting unconnected incidents of regrettable secrecy -- are you all still reading blogs, Clancy and Lee?