Thursday, September 25, 2008

Get into the Details?

I don't want to dwell on LaBruzzo for ever and ever. His shocking and abhorrent proposal is not something I want to continue to talk about. It discriminates based on race, class, and sex both in theory and in practice. It is hateful in every respect. It is also impractical and stupid from the get-go. As the Times-Picayune pointed out today, welfare expenditures actually represent an almost insignificant portion of the budget. LaBruzzo's proposal is a typical racist's attempt to deflect criticism of the excesses of the wealthy onto minorities.

Eugenics is pure evil. Period. LaBruzzo can never recover from this ever. He's finished in my book. Finished!

The controversy does remain of critical relevance.


Because look who else has exposed themselves to be racist:

(Excerpted from today's T-P)

Some of LaBruzzo's political backers, meanwhile, responded cautiously to his controversial pronouncements.

"It definitely caught me by surprise," said lawyer James Garvey, a member of the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. He has given $1,000 to LaBruzzo's campaign treasury. "I guess I would say that Johnny is a really good guy and really bright guy and that he comes up with ideas that have not been thought of by many other people. Some are good. Some are bad."

Garvey said he had not given LaBruzzo's sterilization idea enough thought to take a position on it. "This might turn out to be a horrible idea," he said, "but you can't get his good ideas without getting some of his off-the-wall ideas."

Real estate developer Henry Shane, who has given LaBruzzo $2,000, also was noncommittal, saying he has not digested the proposal or talked to LaBruzzo about it.

"I'd have to know what he is actually proposing," Shane said. "It sounds like it might be unusual, but when you get into the details of it, it may make sense."

WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? There is no due diligence here. When someone proposes genocide through sterilization you condemn it automatically. There's no 'oh well he's a great guy, there might be something good in here' or 'yeah you know I'm not ready to take a position until I see the proposal.' THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST RACIST BILLS ANYONE COULD EVER PROPOSE. EVER.

James Garvey is on the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and may soon rubber stamp a proposal that closes New Orleans public schools. Do you think he cares about the public education of the poor minority children of Orleans? Sounds to me like he wants them to have never been born. If James Garvey is the type of guy to take a pro-eugenics bill 'under advisement,' he has no business being in government, let alone on a board with jurisdiction over the lives of children.

This petition prevents the BESE board from rubber stamping the master plan until Orleans Parish voters get their say through a new school board. You should probably sign it, unless you're a soulless fool that thinks eugenics bills should be entertained.

This other guy, Henry Shane, whoever he is (a big Vitter-booster), also appears to be a flaming racist. He's suggesting that LaBruzzo's eugenics proposal might "make sense" if us crazies only took the time to look at the details.

Beyond that, we see that Congressman Steve Scalise continues to tout the endorsement he got from LaHitler on his website. I'd love to know what Mr. "the Sleaze" has to say about his friend's proposal. Until he repudiates it publicly, rejects and denounces LaHitler's endorsement, and returns any and all money LaHitler helped raise, I'll just have to go ahead an assume that Scalise is a white supremacist too. We're 48 hours and counting. Anything to say Scasleaze?

Perhaps Mr. Scalise is worried about alienating his base, the racists of Jefferson Parish. He has a difficult political calculation to make because he needs strong racist turnout if he's to retain his seat against the surging Jim Harlan, who not only rejects and denounces 19th century white supremacist philosophies like eugenics, but has a bold plan to move forward on coastal restoration. I fully expect that Mr. Harlan will have no problem pointing out this key difference with his opponent.

Mr. Harlan is closing the gap toward single digits! Prove reasonable people wrong, Jefferson Parish. Vote against politicians like Steve Scalise and his white supremacist friend, Eugenicsathan LaGenocide.


J. R. Miller said...

According to the most recent study, abortion is now fulfilling the eugenic vision of Planned Parenthood's founder,Margaret Sanger, and blacks are disproportionately getting abortions which reduces the black population.

Given the data, I am curious to hear from those who oppose this legislation and yet support abortion. Isn't this the ideal Pro-Choice legislation? Why doesn't the ACLU celebrate this as an opportunity for women to make decisions about their reproductive rights and even profit from their choice?

Also for those who advocate for population control to save the planet, is this not the kind of legislation you would like to have passed so we can reduce our carbon footprint?

Anonymous said...

welcome to looziana

GentilyGirl said...

BTW- "J.R. Miller" posted the exact same response to my post on LaBruzzo's poop.

It also has not responded to my very calm (for me) response to the comment.

J. R. Miller said...

gentilygirl, I forgot to click the box to get replies so actually your post here helped me get back to your blog. Thanks for the comments.

E said...

j.r., the hyper-partisan bias from which you're evaluating the issue lead me to believe that you're not particularly interested in an open-minded discourse.

In fact, your comment does not even speak to the eugenics proposal at hand. Do you believe in eugenics?

I see from your profile that you hope to start a Church one day. I am Jewish and Gentilly Girl is transgendered. Will you be condemning us to hell each Sunday?

I'd like to think that we can find common ground even if I am going to hell. My belief is that poor people are generally poor because they are born into a system that perpetuates poverty through a variety of social policies. This may be especially true for African Americans. I believe that there is a moral obligation to care for the sick and the hungry. If you do as well then perhaps we could advocate for a $10 minimum wage side-by-side.

J. R. Miller said...

E, From what I have read, I do think LaBruzzo's program could properly be classified as eugenics. I do reject his proposal and think is has no merit.

As a side note, I am always intrigued by folks who are offended by questions. The Socratic Method is quite old, but most folks demonstrate a true ignorance to its intent. When folks take offense or read opposition into a question It is always insightful into the fears and bias'; of the reader.

I also find it interesting when folks like yourself dehumanize others and reduce them to one or two factoids found in an internet profile. If you want a basis for interaction, I would suggest that you stop making assumptions, begin to ask questions, and tread people as individuals instead of reducing them into categories. Ah, but I digress.

So tell me, I am curious, which part of my questions from my first post do you find "hyper-partisan?" and what about them lead you to attack me rather than give an reasoned answer?