Monday, August 04, 2008

WCBF Dissatisfaction Results in Times-Picayune Rewrite

We did it!

When the Times-Picayune finally reported on the NOAH scandal, their effort was so disappointing that WCBF readers could not sit idly.

Our angry phone calls, snarky blog posts, and peace march into Jefferson Parish paid off in a big way as the Times-Picayune rewrote their NOAH story for Saturday's paper. Essentially, they regurgitated what readers of WCBF, Squandered Heritage, and the Gambit Blog have already known for some time. They give overdue credit to Karen Gadbois, Sarah Elise Lewis, and Lee Zurik.

The contrast between the two articles is stark. The first was misleading enough to be called worse than worthless. The second is factually accurate and plays catch-up on behalf of the parent organization by responsibly recapping the scandal to date.

I applaud the second effort by Ms. Michelle Krupa and Mr. Gordon Russell.

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