Friday, August 29, 2008

Still Playing Games With Our Lives

It seems awfully hysterical to call for mandatory evacuation for a storm that isn't even yet in the Gulf of Mexico, who's path to date has been extremely wobbly, and who's projected path is trending to the West.

Earlier this week, many New Orleans bloggers rightly became upset with the suggestion of some that a tragedy in the Gulf South would be excellent fodder to use against the Republicans given their convention would be coinciding with the projected landfall of Hurricane Gustav.

Certainly, using our lives as fodder to score political points is abhorrent. Yet, the GOP indeed took notice of the political risk. They floated the possibility of postponing their convention due to their "concerns."

Yet when one really considers the logistics of putting on a convention - remember this week was picked years in advance - you realize that the GOP actually cannot afford to postpone the thing. I mean we're talking about flights, hotel reservations, individual schedules, venue availability, paying production crews, and so on and so forth. That's a financial and logistical nightmare for a party already straining to keep up with Obama's grassroots funding infrastructure and the Dems' precedent-setting convention pitch to the public.

So they have their Republican governor Bobby Jindal, eager to prove himself in a time of supposed crisis, call for mandatory evacuations - premature evacuations - so that the GOP has the political latitude to proceed with the convention, even if it means that Bush and Jindal have to steer clear. Not only that, but it provides an opportunity for the feds and the GOP to distance themselves from what happened three years ago because they'll be able to pat Jindal on the back for taking every precaution and executing the state's revamped plans - all while exclaiming the importance of competent local leadership.

Now this is a lot of speculation, I know, especially since the storm could project far enough to the west over the next 12 hours to preempt tomorrow's anticipated order.

Yet, I wanted to go 'on the record' with this scenario right now.

This premature evacuation is brought to you by the GOP.

Less of hassle to force hundreds of thousands into a panic-filled week of supply hoarding, gas guzzling, and money wasting than it is to reorganize convention logistics for all those rich white people.

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Anonymous said...

I fail to see how "panic-filled week of supply hoarding, gas guzzling, and money wasting" (you got that right) has any link on the convention. If NO or any major city for that matter, evacuation or not, gets hit by this, it's goodbye prime time for the GOP. And those gulf oil fields look like they're going to take it on the chin.

Aren't they really into prayer?

Personally, I think it's douchmookery rather than partisan politics.