Saturday, August 30, 2008

Loving New Orleans Means Loving Corrupt and Ineffective Politicians

Jeffrey noticed a very special Katrina Anniversary message from Mayor Nagin:

"The most important work we need to do this third anniversary, in spite of the challenges we face this hurricane season, is to learn, ladies and gentlemen, to respect and honor each other -- our diverse culture that is unique to New Orleans. I don't know exactly who is in those coffins, you don't know who is in those coffins, but I will bet you they represent every aspect of this great city. . . .

"So when people talk about their love for this great city, and then you go to a blog, or you read something and it is divisive, it is hateful, it is mean-spirited, my question to you is: How you can you love New Orleans if you don't love all of us?"

I love this logic: You don't love where you live if you're trying to make it better. You see, if you don't love it just as it is with its litany of social emergencies that your Mayor exacerbates with his policies, you must be hateful, divisive, and mean-spirited.

The fact is that with an approval rating hovering at around 30%, each time the Mayor tells someone where it is people can read the truth about him, he's finishing off the last of his dismal reputation. So keep up the good work Mr. Mayor, I love ya.


Carmen said...

He must be a prophet: they're never beloved in their own cities.

Civitch said...

Why is the blogosphere hurting this recovery? Why?