Friday, August 01, 2008

Cynthia Willard-Lewis' "Constituent Problem"

This was passed along to me anonymously but I'm sure the original author wouldn't mind me posting it because it was CC'd to just about every media personality and elected official in the city:

Ms Lewis,

What do the residents of New Orleans East have to do to get you, the district's representative, to take a stand and enforce the existing laws to clean up this part of New Orleans Both pre and post Katrina, the area between Interstate 510 and the Chef Mentuer bridge is a dumping ground for New Orleans. It is littered with trash, blighted properties, abandoned nursing homes, abandoned boats, and automobiles.

This is the only area of New Orleans that is suitable to support any type of large industrial or recreational growth and employment. Currently it houses two of New Orleans biggest employers: NASA and Folgers Coffee. Textron Marine has already moved its offices to the North Shore, and other businesses in this area are up for sale. How to you expect to draw new employers and resident back to this area if it looks like its been abandoned and/or bombed out? It is one of the gateways to city from the east and could be a beautiful entrance into the city.

Ms, Lewis this area of the city, the district you represent is a disgrace. You stand up on your pulpit preaching verbal diarrhea. You have pulled the wool over your constituents eyes for too long.

You held a press conference earlier this month on Old Gentily Road about the trash dumping by the landfill. Although every area of New Orleans is important, it appears the only reason you are concerend about this area is that one of the major contributers to your campaign Newport Environmental Services, wants to build a new landfill in New Orleans East .

I am sending you pictures of Chef Menteur Highway from 510 to the Chef Pass bridge. This has been the dumping ground for New Orleans for years and you have negelected to repreresent and protect the residents you supposedly serve.

Ms. Lewis,when are you going to stop dumping on New Orleans East? You should be ashamed of yourself!

I remember Cynthia Willard-Lewis' soaring rhetoric when she forcefully spoke on the side of public housing advocates at around the 7th minute of this video:

Before she of course voted YES to demolish the public housing of this city. What a sell out.


swampwoman said...

Eric Paulson made a comment one day this week on the WWL Morning Show that he was working on an expose' about the trash dumping in NOE fwiw...

charlotte said...

I'm working on a post about a gang of juveniles that are breaking into and burglarizing homes in the east and consistently getting away with it. My friend's home was broken into, trashed and set on fire last week-end. There were eyewitnesses who called the cops and the kids were apprehended but yet the judge let them go the same night.

My friend's calls to CWL have not been returned.

Anonymous said...

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