Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why would you do this?

DSB's initial thoughts on Councilwoman Head's threat to cut funding to a summer camp are dead on.

It is hard for me to fathom how Stacy Head could come to the conclusion that it is "blatantly racist" to suggest that an incident occurring at an majority white summer camp would have been handled differently than it actually was at majority black summer camp. If anything was blatantly racist about the incident in discussion, it was the totally over the top response of the officers that were justly suspended from the force. The Treme has had to deal with a spate of poorly-justified police activity this year. I don't see Councilwoman Head's angle on this. Not only is she wrong but she is adding an unnecessary controversy to a situation that is somehow being responsibly investigated by the NOPD. She is taking attention away from her good work on NOAH. I don't get it. Bad move. Very insensitive and unnecessarily provocative.


Mark Folse said...

G. Bitch wrote on it at more length, and pointed out the absurdity of having a large protest when the NOPD seems to be moving to resolve the situation, but that doesn't let Head off the hook.

I think she is part of the crowd that was openly dreaming of a "different" New Orleans in the days right after the storm (like former the RTA chief and his intemperate comments to the WSJ).

She is a loose cannon and no amount of good on NOAH or good staff work for her district can outweigh what I consider her overt racism and Uptown classcism.

Adrastos said...

She has absolutely no filter whatsover. She's a blurter and in this instance lodged her foot in her mouth.

But I don't agree with Mark. District B literally didn't have a Councilperson who did anything for the district for 12 years: two terms of OT and one of RGP. Even Jay Batt occasionally sobered up and did stuff for his district.

Leigh C. said...

My husband, for one, is one of those who knows that Renee Gill-Pratt did absolutely NOTHING for our district. Stacy Head may be unfiltered, but she is still doing SOMEthing. We've all gotta start somewhere.

Civitch said...

I agree that this was a stupid misstep on Stacy's part. However right or wrong her opinion, there was no need to touch this. She's now diverted attention from the very real and horrifying actions of that psycho cop.

But I do hope that Stacy's other work, particularly her relentless efforts to hold the Nagin administration accountable, financially and otherwise, will not go unrecognized. Midura is the only other councilperson who's shown the same kind of interest in these matters, but she doesn't have Stacy's sharp legal mind. Let's give her some credit.

E said...

I think Stacy Head's work on good governance has been invaluable.

I hate that she so routinely shoots herself in the foot. It's indefensible.

jeffrey said...

The thing is "good government reformism" has always been a part of the Uptown plutocrat political toolbox. It's not surprising to find someone like Head enthusiastic about generating bad press and possible legal trouble for her enemies. The question of whether or not the charges have merit (which in this case it seems they do) is always secondary.

ZingZang said...

James Gill's column is pretty good on this, and puts Head's comments in the right context.

If a summer camp director brings 200 campers to City Hall in order to make vaguely threatening remarks towards the Councilmembers and allege racism (resulting from a black police chief failing to immediately fire a black officer), one might wonder, "What the hell sort of camp is this?"

She could make life easier on herself if she kept those sort of thoughts to herself, but, as was said above, not much of a filter there. Which comes in handy in other contexts (NOAH, city garbage contracts, etc.). Her greatest strength is also her big weakness. But the good outweighs the bad (by far) imo.

The Uptown Plutocrats would make a great band name.