Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Great Photo Selection By T-P

Headline: McCain to arrive in New Orleans tonight

AP Photo:

The caption explains McZombie's latest attack by describing McCain's lunge toward America's delicious and tasty brains as "gestures" to a crowd in Pennsylvania.

My god that's a bad angle.

Update: My posting of this photograph singularly forced McCain to abruptly cancel his trip. Kudos to me.

Maybe it also had to do with an inconvenient truth that got spilled all up in our Mississippi River early this morning:

The Coast Guard has deployed 45,000 feet of inflatable booms to contain the spill and is lining up another 29,000 feet, but it could be days before the river is reopened, she said.

The accident left a sheen over 90 percent of the area, she said.

However, the spill is much smaller than the ones that followed Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when the Coast Guard estimated that more than 7 million gallons of oil were dumped into the Mississippi and nearby waterways.

That's tough for McCain because he and his people have been nice enough to lie to us again and again about offshore oil spills during Katrina in order to justify his blatantly foolish and ultimately useless drilling agenda.

Nice find by Maitri.


Schroeder said...

McCain looks possessed by the devil himself (er, Dick Cheney, of course).

Maybe he's coming to Louisiana to visit Jindal for an exorcism.

Jessica Hilda Colon-Holmers said...

Holy shit.
Wow. He is old.
And a zombie.
I just saw Chris Rock last weekend and he said "McCain is SO OLD, he used to own Sidney Poitier."
I nearly spit out my $10 drink and had a heart attack.

E said...


boathead said...

It's an interesting point you make about the Katrina spills. Lots of those spills came from transportation lines, not offshore platforms. Just like this fuel barge had nothing whatsoever to do with offshore drilling. I wonder how many of those sources of spills would have existed even in the absence of offshore drilling?