Thursday, May 15, 2008

Critical Viewing, At Your Leisure

Can't not post this incredible Keith Olbermann special commentary.

It's a classic.

You can't not watch this.

But do so at your leisure, perhaps after a fishing trip, a cricket game, a drum lesson, or a trivial decision to send American troops into a poorly planned war.

Amorphous Funk was the first down here to spread the word.

It's about the President's, er, golf game.

Amongst other things the President tells an interviewer that he gave up golf in the summer of 2003 out of deference to the sacrifice of our troops in Iraq. This is a slap in the face on so many different levels, as Mr. Olbermann captures eloquently. One thing Olbermann shows us is a press photo of President Bush playing golf after the date he claims he had given it up for the troops.

Another angle I thought Olbermann was going to take but didn't was to bring up all of the other fabulous leisure activities our President loves to pursue with no deference to the sacrifice of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. He passed it up, but I won't:

Here's a picture of President Bush playing cricket from March, 2006:

That month, 33 coalition troops were killed in Iraq. That month 475 US soldiers were wounded.

Here is a picture of President Bush fishing while on vacation on his father's compound in Maine:

This one from August, 2004. That month, 75 coalition troops died in Iraq. There were 895 Americans wounded that month.

Here's another picture of George the Disaster fishing on his father's boat while on vacation:

That picture is from August, 2007. Eighty-eight coalition troops died in Iraq that month. It is estimated that over 2000 Iraqi civilians were killed.

Here's a video of George the Disaster playing drums and dancing in April of 2007:

That month, 117 coalition forces were killed in Iraq and 776 of our neighbors were wounded.


alli said...

Oh indeed. I watched it live last night. Never have I seen him more angry. It was righteous!

N. Hanks said...

WCBF -- I am putting a panel together called "Blogging The World" and would like to talk to you about participating. Please email me at

jeffrey said...

I actually prefer this post to the Special Comment. Funnier... less pompous.

A.F. said...

"But do so at your leisure, perhaps after a fishing trip, a cricket game, a drum lesson, or a trivial decision to send American troops into a poorly planned war."

Ha! Thanks for that. I thought, too, it's too bad Olbermann didn't mention the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi dead but was thankful for all he did bring up. Your commentary is great.

Anonymous said...

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