Thursday, April 17, 2008

Worthwhile People

Worthwhile to watch.


Schroeder said...

Just something to think about -- these people may be committing the error of mistaking egregious, criminal incompetence and carelessness for conspiracy. That's not to say that there aren't racist people who see opportunity in the misfortune of others -- Richard Baker -- or who, through their pro-development rose-colored sunglasses, fail to understand the misfortune and anguish of others Stacy Head -- that's just to say that until the detractors of the way the recovery is proceeding get their facts straight, and account for the arguments being made by their opponents, they will continue to fail to make legitimate and respected arguments.

E said...

Schroeder, you raise some good points.

I go back and forth in my own mind.

I think that in this case, understanding where the perception comes from is more important than critiquing the perception.

Does it really make a difference whether or not it's a conspiracy or just criminal incompetence?

Because, the fact is that the leadership is the same. The negative consequences of the decisions of that leadership are the same.