Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Obama Running Brilliant Campaign in PA

A few weeks ago, I described in detail a story about Mr. Obama's relationship with the city of Philadelphia that was meant to underscore the steep mountain he had to climb to become competitive in Pennsylvania.

That was even before the Wright controversy reached apex.

But now look:

In the Rasmussen Reports poll, Clinton leads by 5 points. She'd been up 10 in the same poll last week.

In the Survey USA poll, she's up 12. She's been up 19 in the same poll three weeks earlier.

The latest survey, from Public Policy Polling, actually has Obama ahead by 2 points, although that is well within the poll's margin of error. It's hard to know what to make of this one. Two-and-a-half weeks ago, the same company had Clinton ahead by 26, which is much the largest margin recorded in any Pennsylvania poll in the last few months.

Dean Debham, the company president, speculates that the movement "could be an indication that Democrats in that state think it's time to wrap it up." But the poll did not ask a question that would confirm such thinking.

The bottom line? It's safe to say Obama is gaining ground and that Clinton's hopes for a double-digit win in the state seem like more of a long-shot than a week ago. Beyond that, well, there are still 20 days to go.

Shoot! He's on fire!

And then this morning I caught this.


If that link doesn't work, go here and scroll down to listen to Barack on Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team.

Angelo is one of the most influential voices in the city believe it or not. He has inspired some of the more infamous moments in Philadelphia sports history over the last ten years. His boys booed McNabb at the draft. His boys threw batteries at J.D. Drew.

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E said...

Full disclosure:

As wrong as it was, I, being a huge Phillis fan, did feel vindicated to have almost forfeited a game when those idiots through "D" batteries from the Vet's upper-deck at JD Drew.

J.D. Drew is one of the athletes I've hated most. The Phillies drafted him after his skill set as a switch-hitting centerfielder was compared to Mickey Mantle. He refused to sign with the Phillies because he's a big jerk and ended up getting redrafted by the St. Louis Cardinals the following year.

I remember that game so vividly. During the delay when the umpires warned the stadium that any further incident would result in immediate forfeit, Cardinals pitcher Ricky Bottalico (another Phils bust from the 90s) was getting cold on the mound. The Phils came back to beat up on Bottalico during their half of the inning and won the game, giving the whole fan base something to get pumped up about during another last place season.

I went to the third game of that homestand with a big spray painted bed sheet that read "j.d. drew doesn't deserve capitalized letters" all in lower case.

The real vindication, however, is that J.D. Drew will always be remembered for being one of biggest wastes of talent in recent memory. He has never lived up to his potential. He has a reputation for choking in big situations (last year's playoffs the lone exception), refusing to play through injuries, and otherwise being a soft turd that cares only about his paycheck and has no passion for the game.