Sunday, April 20, 2008

Here General, These Bullet Points Won't Hurt A Bit

Read this fascinating and disturbing NYT piece revealing the intersection between the Pentagon and the mainstream media.


Another thing that is fascinating and especially disturbing is that this NYT piece is not being picked up elsewhere in the mainstream media. Not at the Washington Post, not at CNN. Was it in your hometown paper today? Other than on progressive blogs, where else have you seen the story referenced?

(Scratch that on WaPo, Howard Kurtz wrote about it this morning)

The New York Times' David Barstow wrote an incredible piece of investigative journalism that essentially proves the Pentagon's willful and successful manipulation of the media.
How is that not the biggest story in every paper in America?

People on the internets agree that it's a big story. The article is the most emailed and most blogged about story on the New York Times website. I think that should be taken as an indicator that the story might be of interest to a wider audience that might not be entrenched in day-to-day online discourse.


Anonymous said...

I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you! Next you'll be telling me some of these media outlets are owned by defense contractors...Okay, I'm not shocked.

E said...

Yeah I don't think anybody is SHOCKED. The details are new, though.

Karen said...

I just watched "Control Room" about Al Jazera television.

While many of us are not shocked I bet there are a few true believers who are. It was interesting to listen to the Rumsfeld talk about the "propaganda" that was created by Al Jazeera.

droudy said...

Great post. Love it when a smoking gun is found.