Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back In New Orleans

I've arrived back in New Orleans, where I will remain all swampy summer.

My time in Philadelphia was great, spring weather after gray winters creates an incredible spirit all over the city.

The Democratic primary was a disgusting display for reasons other than the outcome (which I was indeed disappointed by)

Chase Utely and Pat Burrell are just crushing the ball for my Phillies.

The Sixers are fighting hard against the Pistons even though they are overmatched.

The Flyers scored an exciting game 7 victory against the Capitals.

Also: My friend just sent me this disgusting link, yet another reason for Philadelphia to fund an idea I had at age nine: build a giant saw and hack off the state of New Jersey and float it out to the middle of the Atlantic.


Leigh C. said...

Welcome back!

And yeah, New Jersey needs to be eroded off the coast, pronto.

E said...

it would magically put my childhood home two blocks from the beach that would open up.