Friday, December 21, 2007

More Photos from City Hall

I have a whole bunch of unorganized photos from yesterday here.
I'd organize them but I have to go to work. And I don't wanna.

I have some more thoughts on the way this whole public housing thing was handled.
They'll be here later today or maybe even on Saturday or Sunday or Christmas. Maybe I'll work on Christmas. See what a hard-working American I am? I'll work on Christmas!


Leigh C. said...

What! No Chinese food and a movie for you on Christmas?

Seriously, they're doing something like that at my synagogue. Y'oughta hop on ovah.

E said...

My family will be doing our annual Jewish Christmas ritual without me. Bagel brunch followed by a movie followed by Chinese.

Karen said...

e...come over and pick up some cookies..your killing leigh and I.