Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holes Found in Drug War Victory Claims

The US gov't claims there is a cocaine shortage.

John Burnett will be on NPR tonight to inform us of his own investigation.

I can tell you that cocaine is really in right now. The US is the biggest cocaine consumer in the world and cocaine is the it drug. Maybe that might explain the price hikes to our drug czar.
It's the free market, baby. You're doing a great job making busts though.


OR because of the proliferation of oxycontin, adderall, xanex, vicodin, percoset, etc. Those were easier to get in college than marijuana... cough! cough! parentcompanydrugwarsupporter cough! cough!

Still, you're doing a great job making border interceptions.

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Leigh C. said...

Ohh, Lordy. Does this mean one's worldly possessions REALLY won't be enough to get a gram? Hang on to your homes and smoke the building materials, folks!