Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Elect Cheryl Gray

Here is where you can contribute cash to her campaign.

Here is where you can sign up to volunteer.

I am districted to vote in this election and Ms. Gray has earned my support because she has been responsive and ethical in representing her constituents. Her opponent comes from the cabal that is the New Orleans political elite and is committed to maintaining status quo for the people that have been running this city into the ground for all of recent memory: pre and post whateveritwascalled.

In other places throughout the country, progressive blogger communities have made a significant difference in electoral politics via mobilization as a voting bloc and as a source of alternative journalism. Remember how Tester and Webb rose to the Senate from ruby red Republican strongholds? Think back to when Ned Lamont beat Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary.

The fact is, however, that for progressives wrestle back control of the Democratic Party from those committed to accepting trips and dinners from lobbyists, etc., we must begin by making changes at the local level. Replacing fundagelicaholic republicans with "blue dog" democrats is securing one tourniquet on someone that has lost multiple limbs.

Bloggers have flexed their local muscles elsewhere and achieved victory.

I often provide the example of Mayor-Elect Michael Nutter's election in Philadelphia. Another from my home town, is the impending upending of Boss Tweed Vince Fumo by internet and community activist (from like a block away from me in the 215) Anne Dicker. There positive examples throughout the country, be they rural school boards or urban state senators.

We are all so frustrated with the way this city is administered and represented. Whether it is through overt corruption, irrational corporate-purchased policies, or downright incompetence, the politicians of this city have done us few favors over the years.

In the District 5 State Senate runoff here in New Orleans, those corrupt polimagicians we can never seem to make disappear are at it again. They've got a new bag of the same old dirty tricks and back-door deals to try to take down Cheryl Gray. Oyster and Celcus provide all the information you need on how Republican David Williams has decided to protect Machine Politician Jalila Jefferson-Bullock, daughter of William Jefferson Jefferson. She is named in his indictment, but not yet charged. (much to her credit, I know)... again see Oyster and Celcus.

The bottom line is that whether or not you live in District 5, as I happen to, this is one you cannot afford to sit out. This would be an enormous statement for those that agree that public servants should serve their human constituents and not their reelection bank account masters. That does not just mean voting and making your online endorsement. That means doing a little bit more. Go to the volunteer and or contribution links for Cheryl Gray that lead this post.

What can we do collectively? I'll be away from Famous for much of the day Tuesday but am hopeful to come back online to see blogofolks all worked up and hyped for Gray and against Jefferson-Bullshit. All in favor of a meet-up at an undisclosed D-5 location...?

Contribute or Volunteer for Cherel Gray

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James said...

Williams lawsuit was dismissed by the Supreme Court today. The law suit games are over. Now it is time to vote. Some people hope the informed stay home. That's why they start the negative lies. Let them know it does not work. Lets turn Louisiana around one elected office at a time. Get informed and go vote!