Thursday, October 04, 2007

Burma Action

One of the bloggers I read most, from my home town of Philadelphia has posted a brief list of things to do to help the monks protesting in Burma. His name is Will Bunch and his blog is called Attytood.

In recommendation number three, Will suggest readers write a nasty letter to CEOs of corporations that profit from business dealings with Burma's military junta. Here is the list of those companies.

Instead of writing letters, I think I'll just boycott them. That should be more effective than a mean letter, no? Or just as ineffective? Hmm.

If I were wealthy enough to own stock, I might call up my broker or look into my mutual fund holdings to see if I own any shares of those corporations. Divest!

The movement to divest universities from corporations propping apartheid South Africa may have been the last effective national direct action campaign by students. I am interested to see if university students rediscover that tactic.

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Editor B said...

For what it's worth, I don't think boycotts accomplish anything unless they're organized.

I agree a Burma disinvestment campaign could be effective.